Day 1

I quit the most stressful job I ever had the day before getting on a plane to visit my in-laws in Korea three days ago. We come to Korea every year during the summer. Most times when we come I work remotely and I try to have as much overlap with US working hours as possible. Last year, working at the job I just quit, I had a very rough time so I seriously thought if I did the same again I might have a heart attack. I’ve been fortunate enough to save enough money to be able to invest in myself. I’ve decided to pay my own salary for a year doing whatever I want. I hope I can earn enough by working on things that I’m passionate about to not have to go back to work for someone else but I’m under no illusions that that is a likely outcome.

The things I’m most passionate about are board games and Korean. In my free time I wrote the Dongsa Korean verb conjugator back in 2008 that is still mildly popular with Korean language learners and last year I released a Korean vocabulary tool that is widely praised but hasn’t caught on as much as the verb conjugator.

My current plan is to release one new app every week for 52 weeks. This might be too ambitious so we’ll have to see how it goes. I have ideas that range the gamut from Korean and English language games to tools to help people from making impulse purchases.